Do you have tired of a depression? There are too many alert signs in this regard. The last one happened on the street recently and his statements have plung us into the concern.

The 2022 and what we have of 2023 will not be the time remembered with greater affection from the Unfaithful actress. a Fire at home, a serious injury , changes of address, the suspicion that he had died in the earthquake of Turkey … but his recent public appearance has worried us again: Is Tent suffer from a depression?

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Missing from public life

We have More than three months without knowing anything about it on social networks. At first, her fans thought of a tragic end, since everything happened in the context of the earthquake that shook her country. But then he went out to say that he had simply had an injury on one foot.

Cansu Dere nos tiene un poquito preocupados…

Ok, but Is that a reason for not having activity on social networks? , if I hurry me, an addition to be more often on Instagram …

A few very sad words that have made us think of tired and depression

Earlier this month, and have its news since practically New Year, tired Was seen walking through Ethyler, a neighborhood of Istanbul. Dressed in black and With dark sunglasses, she stopped to chat briefly with the media that intercepted her. “I hope you expect all of us”, said when he wanted to send encouragement to those affected by the earthquake. “We all deserve to be happier.” On a row, and when asked about how he is recovering from the foot, he explained: “I can walk. I couldn’t do it for a month. Everything will be fine”.

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Cansu Dere recientemente con gafas oscuras en la calle
Así apareció Cansu Dere la última vez que ha sido vista en público.

The tone and his serious countenance worried us, but the auction came when the journalist told him: “2022 was hard for you, you had a fire at home and then suffered an accident”, to which he said he replied: ” If it had been difficult for me, it would not have been a problem. Has been a boring period. ”boring? But it has been a chain of misfortunes! In addition, at this time it has no sight projects. Are you taking a break or are you going through a delicate moment? We expect from the heart that is the first.

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