we have investigated and arrived at the reason why Hande Erçel does not find love in Kerem Bürsin and the truth is that he will soprive you.

Turkish actress Hande Erçel is one of the most respected and beloved artists in her country. However, it seems that has not had the same fate in love , since he has had several breaks in his past relationships being that of his partner in the series ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin The most sounded.

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el motivo por el que Hande Erçel no encuentra el amor en Kerem Bürsin

Hande Erçel does not find love because of his work

One of the main reasons why Hande Erçel has not found true love is for his demanding work as an actress . Her professional career has always been a priority for her, which has led to her previous couples, could not endure the lack of time and attention . This was especially evident in his relationship with Kerem Bursin, with whom he had a brief but intense love story.

bad luck in the love of Hande Erçel

Another factor that has prevented Hande Erçel from finding true love is his unfortunate bad luck in love . Despite her beauty and talent, it seems that she always ends with men who are not suitable for her. This was especially evident in her relationship with Kerem Bursin, who cheated her with another woman or with the actor Kaan Yildirim who caught her unfaithful next to another actress.

Hande Erçel is very selective in love

In addition, Hande Erçel is a very demanding and selective person in love. She does not conform to anyone and hopes to find someone to understand her and love her unconditionally. This has led to their previous relationships have not worked, since their former partners have not lived up to their expectations.

Hope is the last thing that is lost

Despite all this, Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin fans do not lose hope of seeing them together again . The chemistry between the two was undoubted and the fact that they have recently seen coffee in a

In conclusion, Hande Erçel has not found love yet, but he will not spend much time without us knowing the special person who will make a hole in the heart of the Turkish actress. And if not, look the last boyfriend assigned by the press Turkish after a couple of photos together at a dinner . Be careful there Kerem Bürsin.

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