If you ask you what is the favorite food of Can Yaman (do not use tone ups), what would you answer? Pasta? Pizza? Filezo Vuelta y Vuelta? A tasty baked fish? If your answer is among these options, cold, cold. The actor has counted what is … and we have the recipe.

Can Yaman, vestido de blanco de arriba abajo en un exterior
¿Sabes qué come Can para estar así de… sanote? Nosotros, sí.

Imagine that Can Yaman comes to Spain (something strange, since we have it well close) and that, fleeing from the harassment of the press, knocks on your door. A little to Notting Hill. Of course, You are there without knowing very well what to do and, to camera you, you offer you something you are stewing. imagine that you know how It doesn’t return to Italy. Stop imagining, because we are going to explain how it is done.

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A kitchens is made

The actor, who is preparing the second part of Viola eat in uploading it to your networks.

Alcachofas confitadas hechas por Can Yaman

In fact, one of the Italian foods that are best given is the Tiella Barese, as we show you recently. This plate of potatoes, rice and mussels in the baked is among its favorites in Italy. Above even pizza, which also loves. But his top plate, who always loves to cook and also eat, is from Turkey.

Can Yaman’s favorite food: this is prepared

Can Yaman’s favorite dish is called Borek, and is a typical Turkish dish. It is an empanada stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. A typically Mediterranean dish that is done on special occasions.

borek enrollado en espiral

The curiosity of the Borek is that the empanada looks like a mallorcan test by the Dough distributed in spiral, although you can also put it flat or with the way you prefer. We tell you how it is done.

Borek recipe

In a pan, melter butter and dora in it some 40 g of anacardos. >Spinach previously boiled (400 g) and drained. Salpimenta, give it a touch of cinnamon powder or ras the hanout and guides a few minutes.

borek en forma de tarta

Add Feta cheese (200 g) and Philadelphia (100 g) Take a edge of edge now. The edge dough is thin leaves, almost like folios. Moisturizes leaf by leaf with melted butter and put a spinach and cheese stew on one end. Then, see rolling: it is As if you were sushi, but you are not going to cut it. If you see that rolled up complicates your life, see them straight. It will be as rich!

No te compliques si no te atreves a hacer espirales.

When you have a stuffed edge cylinder, spiral. See the same with each new cylinder and forming an increasingly large spiral. Paint with butter again, Add seeds or pipes that you like and take it to the oven Preheated at 190 ºC for 20-25 minutes. ready to go up to your Instagram and mention your favorite actor (wink, wink).

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