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Surely many times you have wondered what the name of your favorite Turkish artists means and today we are going to tell you what Hande Erçel means, its meaning and even its equivalent in Spanish name.

The name Hande Erçel is Turkish origin and its exact meaning is not known. However, Hande is a Common female name in Turkey and is usually associated with Beauty and sensitivity . Erçel , meanwhile, is not a common name and its Meaning is not clearly established .

The name equivalent to Hande Erçel in Spain

In Spain, the equivalents to the name Hande could be names such as “Andrea ” or “Ana ” that are similar in their sound and are popular names. Unfortunately, Erçel has no translation.

As for the Temperament of the people who bear this name, it is believed that they are sensitive, charismatic people and with a Great aesthetic sense , something that certainly clearly defines to the Turkish actress who has a special sensitivity to art, reaching paintings as a form of evasion against hard work. They are creative and like Express themselves through art , music or literature. They are also friendly and comprehensive people with a great Sense of empathy . We have been able to see this in the kind way of treating Hande Erçel journalists. However, they can also be a bit timid and reserved sometimes.

It is worth mentioning that this type of characteristics and personality are general and that Each person is unique and different . You cannot generalize about a group of people with the same name.

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Although each person is different, it has been clear that in this specific case, all the qualities of Hande Erçel Have given in the target since she is a creative, friendly, affectionate and very empathic person , features that undoubtedly define the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’.

The next work of ‘Hande Erçel’

After a hard disease of his 3 -year -old Mavi niece, Hande took a break that has completed with the signing of a contract to interpret ‘Two Strangers’, a new series with Burak Deniz, another actor who is an old man known since in the past he interpreted ‘Hayat’ with our beloved Hande.

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