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We are sure that this video of Diletta Leotta performing the prohibited exercise has not sat at Can Yaman that he has seen how his ex surpasses him in flexibility and coordination.

There is no doubt and it is an open secret that Can Yaman’s ex, Diletta Leotta is a sport addict . She is sculpted in hours of hard work day after day. Until on the weekends, when you take a break and do not go to the gym, the announcer of Dazn Puts the meshes and trains in the living room of her house because the sport is not done alone, the sport You have to do it.

Diletta is happy next to the German Loris Karius, the Newcastle goalkeeper with whom he is living a torrid love story that laughs at Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas.

And while Loris is playing this season on his team, Diletta kills the winter afternoons exercising and teaching this Prohibited exercise that can Yaman surely has tried to do in his hotel room in his hotel in Budapest with little success, because to do it correctly you have to be very agile and have a flexibility that a type of 101 kilos, because it does not.

It has muscles, explosive strength and speed, but this agility that demonstrates diletta is very difficult to achieve with certain magnification.

What an eye, even diletta itself forth after all these weeks of comilones and excesses, as it shows us in this other video:

And as expected, Can Yaman has not said or pio because we suspect, which is too much for him. Now a serious question, have you tried?

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