Türkiye hates Can Yaman and Italy hate Diletta Leotta. Fans of one and the other have their own reasons: Can Yaman be cast in the face that is disregarded from the country of birth. In the case of his ex, Diletta Leotta is canceled by a comment that has raised ampoules by classist.

“Cas” hecho ahora, Diletta. Y no nos digas que canelones.

Love unites, but sometimes hatred unites more. It is not that Can Yaman hate his ex -girlfriend, much less. And even less when she is pregnant with her current partner, Loris Karius (Is there anything more beautiful than waiting for a baby?). But both go through a Respective hatred streak by the countries that saw them born. We have already echoed how Can Yaman accuse him of moving from Turkey since he lives in Italy. But now Diletta leotta is canceled after an unfortunate comment that has turned against her.

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Diletta Leotta is canceled since she said this in her radio program

As you know, Diletta is Professionally linked to Dazn , the streaming platform. Within her collaborations is the Radio 105 Take Away program, that she presents daily with Daniele Battaglia every day from 12 to 13 hours. Well, last week they talked about loving relationships and Diletta released his partner: “You can also fall in love with a person who does not have a great bank account.” oops.

Can Yaman ha presentado a su novia Diletta Leotta
Can Yaman no es lo que podríamos llegar a definir como clase obrera, no.

The answers were swift. And it is that the men whom Diletta has been sentimentally linked Do not walk barefoot, precisely. and the Newcastle goalkeeper and the girl’s dad that expects Dib ).

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They accuse her of incoherent

Those are known among the Spanish public, since Diletta appeared in our lives when he went out with Can Yaman. But before the Turk was Matteo Mammì, former director of Sky Sport and son of an Italian minister. He also came out with one of the great boxers of the moment, Daniele Scardina.

Foto de Loris y Diletta tumbados y haciendo el tonto
No parece que Diletta y Loris necesiten pedir la sillita de coche prestada a una vecina que ya no la usa.

“Incoherent” is the most beautiful thing they have called him, and Criticism still follow. diletta, girl, think twice before saying something like that!

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