You already know that Demet Özdemir has separated from her husband Oguzhan Koc but now we know the drastic decision that the actress of ‘Dreamer Bird’ has just taken

We are already telling you that Demet Özdemir has separated from her husband after a surprise party held by her friends and in which it seems that her partner’s behavior was something ‘strange’ that led to Demet’s Fled to a friend’s house.

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Demet Özdemir has separated from her husband

And it is that the protagonist of ‘Adim Farah’ seems that although he is enjoying success for his last series, he has not just achieved happiness in the private sphere since his marriage does not just work after a year of married.

Thus so that Demet herself in statements to the media ‘Magazine D’ on the set of her television series confirmed that there are problems in their marriage and said: “There are problems in all marriages. This is our private life and is a very sensitive issue. I want everyone to respect that “.

For the news that Demet Özdemir has separated it was not enough …

It seems that another rumor comes to cloud the young couple since a few days ago it was commented that Demet was seen in the dressing room in affectionate attitude With the director of his Last series. A rumor that was not unanswered by Demet:

“I’m very angry . Many married actresses and married directors were under suspicion. I absolutely do not agree with the Combination of my own relationship problems, large for some and children for others, with this unpleasant news. From Monday our legal process will begin. I will file a lawsuit that represents all married and single actresses ”

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Demet Özdemir’s husband caught in a jam

The Turkish paparazzi Caught Oguzhan Koc in a traffic jam in Intiye driving Demet’s car and before the insistent questions of the reporters, Oguzhan answered: “Everything is fine, friends. I don’t understand so much stir. ”

A flee materials such as your car.

From we just want love to triumph and that this beautiful couple will be together and get along.

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