Demet Özdemir, is on its way to becoming the J. Lo in Türkiye. That because? Well, for a lot of reasons, starting because even both keep a great physical resemblance when J. It was beginning to emerge in the world of music and interpretation. But there is more: take note, that will interest you.

They are many things. Not only does it have a record very similar to that of the singer (which just as Demet Özdemir sings until well): it is that Has the entire J.Llo Rollito for a while to this part, and culminates it in The next movie we will see of her in Netflix. And it comes now. But already.

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When does the new Demet in Netflix premiere?

Demet movie is called Tactics in love 2 and, obviously, it is the continuation of tactics in love, which premiered in January last year and that, given its success, follows In the Netflix catalog. There we saw how a blogger, ASLI, and a publicist, Kerem, began a series of tactics to conquer the other and make him believe that they had fallen in love. But of course, none knew the truth: that there was, respectively, interest in publishing a story and a bet with friends. Eye, which is spoiler from the first part: in the end both fall in love irremediably.

Vuelven Kerem y Asli (a liarla parda).

So what is Tactics in love 2? Well, that, as a couple, Asli and Kerem are placed in the face of the possibility of marrying and taking another step in their relationship. So She considers her boy as if she was not interested and receives as a answer that either.

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From that moment on, Appears the game again and is left with her friends to organize a game destined to what Kerem wants to marry her. As you can imagine, the comedy begins to rise from that moment … the movie arrives in Netflix on the July 14. come on, in less than a month.

Why do we say that Demet Özdemir is on his way to becoming the new Turkish?

Because there was a time when J. He met him with romantic comedies, from Happened in Manhattan to The mother of the boyfriend or, more recently, Consider with me. At this step, We see her returning with Can Yaman just like J. He returned with Ben Affleck!

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