Turkish actress Demet Özdemir has communicated her repulsion against looters and those who publish their videos by violence.

We have been able to see Demet Özdemir helping with his own hands in food distribution centers for the Turkey earthquake as one more volunteer. There are a multitude of videos where we can see the actress of ‘Dreaming Bird’ encourage the people and her companions to lend a hand and try to minimize the disaster among all.

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That is why in the face of images that are circulating through networks in which it is seen as the food looters and essential items are punished hard, Demet has not been able to remain silent.

Faced with the images of violence against the looters, Demet has said: “We have not yet overcome what has happened, and we are already killing ourselves for crumbs! Let’s continue pioneers to support and help instead of publishing images of violence and other topics. Even if we never forget this great pain, we can still help. ”

The next Demet Özdemir series

Demet, who has left everything to help the victims of the earthquake is about to release a new series on the Fox channel called ‘Adim Farah’ and that has been trending topic in Turkey for hours. It seems that the series is creating unusual expectations to be The first drama played by Demet Özdemir.

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