On May 8, Monday, Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç will be officially single. That is the day they will sign their express divorce. Well, while the process continues its course, the media of that country report that Demet Özdemir is in love and that this is the reason for its divorce. Who is he? We tell you.

In Crush.News we have been telling you almost day to day how the divorce of the protagonist of Dreamer. Actress and Oguzhan Koç Sign its definitive break on May 8 in the courts of Adalar. During the process everything has been heard: that if alcohol, that if horns, that if a party with inappropriate attitudes, that if a house flight … but there is something that echoes all specialized means: apparently, < Strong>Demet Özdemir is in love again and that illusion could have been the main cause of divorce.

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This is the man who Demet Özdemir is in love

Well, sit because you like the ground when you know who is in love Demet, always according to local media: it’s nothing less than Enyin akyürek, your partner in Adim farah .

La verdad es que tremenda pareja hacen, ¿eh?

A Turkish commentator, Ebru şC aff. It is no secret, everyone knows. Where there is smoke, there is always fire ”, concluded.

Demet radiates pure happiness

The truth is that, whether inyin or another man (Can Yaman, as we mentioned recently), Demet looks radiant. In fact, it is surprising how, in the latest publications in her networks, Her face is pure happiness. Is it the imminent divorce or, on the contrary, the knowledge that Will have in your arms the man who loves without being prevented from being prevented?

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