The year 2023 is not going to remember the actress of ‘Dreaming bird’ as the best of his life. At least, personally. He started married and will end up divorced. But in this madness that has been the end of their marriage, the writings of their country throw smoke: they have caught Demet Özdemir entering the house of Oguzhan Koç! New Broncas? Reconciliation?

Les duró el amor lo que un caramelo en la puerta de un colegio.

Married in August, we just separate and each new movement is followed with the heart in a fist. It has been said that he is dating his partner in Adim Farah, enyin Akyürek; That his true love is the filmmaker Umut Evirgen … Anyway, what was said: everything. Well, the last thing about what the main Turkish media echoes is that Have caught Demet Özdemir leaving the house of his ex -husband, Oguzhan Koç.

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A la salida ya estaban los periodistas esperándola.

What did Demet Özdemir at the house of Oguzhan Koç?

Well … the truth is that Entered to chat with him, something normal in a couple who, at least in appearance, continues to get along, And also to withdraw some of their belongings . We imagine that, as it is in full of moving (first it will be provisionally in a house and then move to the final), you will be choosing what you need and what you do not.

“We have never separated”

Of course, at the exit the press was already waiting for her, and asked about her current relationship with Oguzhan. His phrase was really mysterious: “the truth is that we have never separated.” What did he mean with that? Taking into account that he had communicated official announcing divorce we imagine that it was a kind of wink to the good vibes, but come on, that you have left us a little cultured, Demetcita.

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