We still do not give credit to what they are advancing foreign media. Demet Özdemir, the former Can Yaman, follows the steps. He is organizing his new life in another country that is not his, processing citizens and accommodating his new residence, for which he has paid a true pasture. We give you all the details.

Ya decíamos que Demet estaba dejando demasiadas pistas en sus redes sociales.

Second renowned actress who prefers to continue making a name outside her country. If Can Yaman was the pioneer, going to Italy, he is now Demet Özdemir who goes after his steps. Well, it has not chosen Italy, but The media of their country point to a European nation to establish themselves.

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Foto de Instagram de Demet Özdemir bajo el agua en la que parece estar dándole una respuesta a su exmarido.

Demet Özdemir’s vacations were more than vacation

Although three theories about What has moved Demet to leave Turkey (which we tell you later) are considered, it seems a fact that its next destination is outside the country. A casePlón has already been bought in Greece for 25 million Turkish liras, which becomes One million euros. Apparently, this is the first step to obtain Greek citizenship, which is what is now.

Desde que se marchó a Grecia, Demet derrocha felicidad y paz interior.

I had days for days by constantly publishing photos of his alleged vacation. What goes, friend. What he was was processing his change of residence (well, and spending it a pipe too, we are not going to fool ourselves). Meanwhile, Some of his fans are putting her back and a half for “giving a million euros to Greece.”

Madre mía, quién pudiera ser Demet en estos momentos.

What are the reasons that Demet Özdemir continues after the steps of Can Yaman?

Several hypotheses are considered. One is that he wants to put land in between with his ex, Oguzhan Koç, with whom things have ended really bad. The other, which could have an international professional interest there that would make known shortly. Finally, There are those who say they want to start a new life with their new romantic interest.

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¿Será esta su casita? ¿Nos estará dejando pistas?

We will have to wait, but at the moment our Demet Has chosen a neighboring country to yours, with a climate and some very similar coasts to those of Turkey. To miss, but not so much.

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