Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç’s couple, who have married less than a year has recognized in an interview that he has problems in their marriage.

Yesterday we told you news that is sweeping the Turkish media: the separation of the protagonist of the series ‘Dreaming bird’ and her husband singer Oguzhan Koc who married last 2022. Apparently everything rushed by the Strange behavior of her husband at a surprise party that Demet’s friends had prepared because he could not celebrate his birthday because of the earthquake that ravaged the south of Turkey last February.

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Magazines tell two versions of the facts

In Turkey The media are divided . Some say that Demet Özdemir has returned to his old single house, cutting ties with her husband and another slope of the Turkish media and the most morbid, says that the crisis exists since Partners of Demet Özdemir found it inappropriately In his dressing room next to the director of his last series.

Very serious accusations against Demet Özdemir via

Özdemir Tried to deny the accusations and said the rumors were not true.

For his part. The husband of her Oğuzhan Koç also shared his wife’s statement.

Demet has affirmed that his marriage has problems

In statements to Magazin D magazine, the interpreter of ‘Adim Farah’ and ‘Dreaming bird’ said: “There are problems in all marriages. This is our private life and is a very sensitive issue. I want everyone to respect that. ”

Demet will denounce all those who spread the news.

Demet Özdemir during the interview also spoke against the “rumor of the dressing room”:

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“I am very angry. I do not like this type of gossip that put the actresses or directors who have their own families under suspicion. I absolutely do not agree with the Combination of my own relationship problems , large for some and children for others, with this type of False rumor . As of Monday, our legal process will begin by which I will submit a lawsuit on behalf of all married and single actresses to which Have tried to defame with false news . ”

Will Demet Özdemir’s marriage really in danger? We will continue to inform.

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