After lots of comings and goings, of crisis in a marriage that has lasted less than a candy at the door of a school and rumors of all kinds, it is official: Demet Özdemir divorces. This is what the official statement of her says.

Well, there is already an official communication in the networks: Demet Özdemir divorces Oguzhan Koc. We already tell you the temporary separation that had occurred after a fat anger between them, but they have taken the step that seemed inevitable.

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Demet Özdemir divorces Oguzhan Koc and both have issued a joint statement

In the stories yesterday we could see how Both Demet and Oguzhan had hung exactly the same text:

Comunicados oficiales de Demet Özdemir y Oguzhan Koc en sus respectivas cuentas de Instagram
Ambos han emitido el mismo comunicado en sus redes sociales.

This is what each statement says: “It is true that we have decided to put an end to our marriage, seeing that we have not been able to fix it for a while. We know that this decision, that we have taken Within the framework of mutual respect and understanding, will also affect our families and older, and do everything possible to bring this process in the most sensitive way and without contradicting them. We ask the members of the press to address this process with the same sensitivity. ”

A wedding condemned to failure

As we tell you, Demet, Who lived a passionate romance with Can Yaman, and Oguzhan married last August. They have not reached nine months. The first thing we knew is that, after an argument, she Took refuge at a friend’s house. I would be married. All steps seemed to be aimed at this end, not as expected, less sad.

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