The protagonist with Can Yaman of the soap opera ‘Dreaming bird’ dazzled both in the Joy Awards 2023, that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife, Georgina Rodríguez, was evidenced by her veil. Look at it.

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Demet Özdemir who, in addition to ‘Dreaming Bird’ is famous for the series’ My house, my destiny ‘or the movie’ Love and lies game ‘, went with his partner Engin Akyürek of the series ‘ adim Farah ‘that is currently rolling and that is a remake of the Argentine series’ The girl cleaning’.

It is the first time we see together the protagonists of the expected series that is rolling for the Fox chain and that is loaded with controversy since there are fans that accuse Demet of Having stolen the paper To a partner who had just become pregnant as we told you here.

The style duel between Demet Özdemir and Georgina Rodriguez.

The look with which Georgina appeared in the Joy Award was praised and criticized in equal parts. Among those who praised Georgina’s styling were those who said that Georgina was doing a f Please please Muslim women wearing a veil.

According to Amnesty International: “Born woman in Saudi Arabia means being born with Less rights than men for the mere fact of being a woman. It also means living under a ‘tutela’ male system that controls and Limits personal freedom and autonomy . A Woman cannot make decisions on her own, but is a male family who decides on her representation, “so many believe that the veil that Georgina dressed Is not a way of Make a tribute to the country that will welcome them while Cristiano plays in the Al-Nassr of the Saudi Professional League. Many believe that this veil of Georgina’s dress was left over because it was Synonymous with submission .

It is for this reason that when comparing the Outfits of Georgina and Demet Özdemir, The Turkish actress wins by win.

With an elegant look composed of a black bodice and an asymmetric skirt of matching flight with black platforms, Demet showed that although in Saudi Arabia, women cannot show their hair, she is Turkish and does not have to Submit to archaic norms.

Demet showed that in addition to having a special sensitivity in fashion, as evidenced by his Instagram account, with his attitude he can sensitize Saudies women and show them that another reality is possible.

On this occasion we can say that Demet Özdemir has given a whole lesson to Georgina . But it is not only a style lesson, it is a lesson of sorority and feminism that seems that Georgina is not understanding well during her stay in Saudi Arabia.

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