Demet Özdemir did not want to use a double to shoot this dangerous scene of ‘Adim Farah’ which endangered his life. Look at it

The new series starring the former ‘dream bird’ Demet Özdemir and the handsome actor Engin Akyürek, ‘Adim Farah’ (‘My name is Farah’), is being An unprecedented success in Turkey . Among all the scenes of the last chapter there has been one that has not gone unnoticed by fans by The raw and dangerous . Come on, it is one of those scenes that Just see them produces vertigo , dizziness and Wanting to look away from the screen since it is a Scene shot from the Terrace of an apartment located 20 floors high.

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It seems of the most normal that ‘adim pharah’ is razing For the original script , despite being an adaptation, and for the Masterful of the interpretations of its two protagonists which have managed to be in the Top of series more viewed during the last week.

The argument of ‘Adim Farah’

Farah had to stop in Istanbul 6 years ago upon learning that she was pregnant while she fled from Iran to France. Once in Istanbul she began to live as a fugitive. In addition, Your son Kerimşah has a rare disease . Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaners in Istanbul. Farah’s goal in life is that his son Kerimşah regains health and has a life like that of a normal child. Therefore, he will try to save money to complete his child’s treatment and return to France again.

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But The world of Farah puts up legs overnight. He witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place that will clean and meet Tahir Lekesiz . Here, at the expense of his life, he has to clean the crime scene without leaving traces. However, Tahir is asked to kill Farah, since Knows all the details of the murder.

The scene in which Demet Özdemir put his life in danger.

And it is that the networks are that burn With this scene in which Tahir tries to throw it on the terrace from a twenty floor.

The broadcast of the scene in which Tahir tries to throw Farah from the 20th floor of a building by order of his boss, Has generated a lot in Turkey where sexist crimes are the order of the day as in Spain.

At the last moment and Before throwing Farah into a vacuum , Tahir regrets and forgives his life.

The scene has no trap or cardboard and as you can see Was shot by Demet itself without a double action , which demonstrates once again that Demet is in addition to a very good actress, a woman a woman Valient.

From Crush.News we want to congratulate Demet for having the courage to roll at the edge of a 20 -story drop in which he could have lost his life and that as you will see he has neither trap nor cardboard.

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