The Tiktoker and Valencian journalist has surprised us all with a video that shows us their facial evolution since its inception. Daniela Requena’s change is a true Wow.

The Influences until today and where she herself Has flipped!

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Daniela Requena’s change began a long time ago

Daniela began uploading videos to Instagram and Tiktok telling in detail his process of change after finishing the journalism career in the Complutense University of Madrid . Since then, Daniela’s social networks have not stopped growing. The Valencian Tiktoker began her television career after starting her transition as a trans woman. He participated in some Mediaset A year ago he catapulted his career fulfilling a dream in the form of a book (mom, I am a woman) who marked a before and after both in her and in many people who read it.

What Daniela do you stay?

This is how Daniela has published her new Tiktok video that in less than 24h has achieved 195,500 visualizations!

In the video he shows us before and after her facial touch -ups, and where she almost or recognizes herself. “It turns out that this person is me”, she says the influencer when showing a photo without any aesthetic touch -up.

As it shows us in its evolution, Daniela began operating her lips and later began to punctuate Botox. “I hope nobody tells me that I was prettier before,” confesses.

The comments he has received are, in general, very positive and of great support for the Tiktoker. Surprisingly, most prefer to return to Blond hair , with hundreds of comments about it. Will Daniela listen to her fans or decide to continue in Team Morenas?

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