Keyla Suarez, the first trans girl to participate in ‘The island of temptations’ tells us how the’ hate ‘is raining for participating in’ The island of temptations and makes us a warning.

In a video uploaded by Keyla in his Tiktok account, he tells us how the mere fact of being the first trans participant in the reality ‘The island of temptations’ is assuming him more than a headache.

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Peligroso acoso a Keyla, la soltera trans de 'La isla de las tentaciones 6'

According to her own words, she already knew that They were going to throw ‘hate’ but of course, given certain comments received in networks, she does not deny that she hurt.

The dangerous harassment of Keyla, the single trans of ‘The island of temptations 6’ is reflected in these messages:

“Keyla comes with a gift, right?”, “You were born, man will die”, “with telling you that the first one has more tail than a bull … and I know what I talk about”, “Have you mutilated the crotch ? Fucking progress. ”

As you can see, they are A real fog . Attacks of people who protect themselves in the anonymity that gives you internet to attack ruthlessly. Luckily, Keyla is clear and despite the fact that at first it hurt, he affirms that thinking about him cold, he has realized that these comments come from unhappy people and with life Empty . Keyla has made a clear decision that has been “moving from them” but reminds everyone, that these types of comments if you are at a time of weakness can lead to depression or worse, in suicide ideas.

@keylasuarezz Primera y última vez que respondo a todos los insultos que recibo desde que soy concursante de @La Isla De Las Tentaciones #visibilidadtrans #stopbullying ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

In short, Keyla launches this message for all hypocrites that hide behind a screen to attack without taking into account the consequences of their actions.

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