According to the Italian digital, Damiano David and Victoria de Angelis of the winning group of Eurovision Maneskin would have broken their relationship. We tell you everything.

According to Digital, the relationship between Maneskin’s singer and bassist would be broken. And it is that Damiano and Victoria have broken their relationship for this inadvertent detail for all that puts in trial a relationship so far idyllic among the members of Maneskin.

Victoria did not go to Damiano David’s birthday

Damiano and Victoria are distancing themselves as friends

There are sources that indicate that Damian of his absence.

According to rumors (not confirmed but neither denied), it seems that the distance between Damian and Victoria has a name and is that of Giorgia Soleri, Damian’s girlfriend.

And these rumors also feed on the fact that Damiano who usually always like Victoria’s photos on Instagram, has stopped doing this part for a while.

In particular it has been the latter Photo gallery uploaded by victory where in addition to suggestive poses shows an intimate tattoo, to which Damiano has not dedicated a miserable heart or comment as he always does .

Have just launched their last work Rush! On January 20 reaping very good reviews worldwide and we also just found out that they go on tour again with the second phase of their ‘Loud Kids Tour’ that will start on February 23.

Until that date, Damiano and Victoria can reconcile and Be friends again or at least that is what we would like.

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