Both Telecinco queens will face a face -to -face duel where they will fight for first place in the Famma League .

There are many celebrities who are being aimed at organized events in social networks with a sports air, created by greater reach influencers such as Ibai Llanos , in what is known as the < Strong>Evening of the year.

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Famma League Ibai’s evening guests.

It is still unknown when and where this great event will be held, but the first participants such as Ibelky and sevenEx or one of the most anticipated in recent days between Dakota and Fani .

Dakota vs Fani

The official Famma League account in networks has announced the signing of both important figures in the Telecinco world. On the one hand, there is Dakota that became famous for his participation in the program of four Older brother , although in fact his participation in Survivors It has been the most recent on television and where he got a lot of success.

The contestant has always been recognized for its imposing personality and for its presence in the sets which has not gone unnoticed. “Our fighter Dakota does not need a presentation because we all know her. It will star in one of the most anticipated fighting of the night. This goes from shows and if she is the protagonist we do not want to miss it ”said the Instagram account.

On the other side of Dakota’s maximum rival is Fani also known as “Esteeefaníaaaa” , another of the best known faces in Telecinco and the world of realities Everyone knows her to star in the first season of the Island of temptations , which turned out to be a resounding success in part of it thanks to her. “Fani is willing to shut up many mouths, will he get it? First he has to shut up to his rival … we can only say that there will be fire here ”affirmed the official Famma League account.

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“of love of hate there is a step.”

@fammaleague @Dakota tarraga ♥️♥️ no nos quiere hacer spoiler 💥🥊 #fammaleague ♬ sonido original – FAMMA LEAGUE

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