Criticism of Hande Erçel reef again. Once again, the beautiful actress and former Kerem Bürsin has once again been harassed by social media users. The reason: the same as long ago. Or rather the opposite.

“Have you lost more? In the end you will look like a bone. ” “It’s beautiful, but it’s very thin.” “All excess is bad, both be overweight and below the weight.” “I was more beautiful before.” “Why are you so thin? Your bones are in sight! ” These are just some of the Criticism of Hande Erçel most recent.

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Criticisms of Hande Erçel have emerged again during his recent trip through Italy

As you know, he has left with his boy again, Hakan Sabanci, to visit another European country. On this occasion, Italy. They have been, in fact, in Tuscany, well close from where Can Yaman lives, although he is also on one side to another (will they have seen?). Well, he has uploaded several photos in which he is simply beautiful, as always, and Instagram users have criticized their less kilos.

Hande must be fed up that, when it is not for the supposed kilos of more, it is the opposite: the case is to criticize it. Someone who has a Public image so exposed and who sees how he puts it to broth every two for three necessarily suffers, No matter how much his life may seem perfect. to top it off, Right now he is done dust by the Recent loss of his paternal grandfather and had to advance his return.

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Primero, que si estaba rellenita. Ahora, que si demasiado flaca… ¡Basta ya de body shaming!

The most plausible theory about its thinning

We already told you that Hande was undergoing a dangerous diet for which he was losing weight, but why did he do it, if he is great? There are those who, seeing her new aspect (she is even thinner than the past fall), They venture to ensure that she is due to the filming of her new series, in which she It will give life to a siren. Is it your thing or the platform that will release this project? Be that as it may, all we want is that it is fine.

Al parecer, su nuevo proyecto podría tener mucho que ver con su pérdida de peso.

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