Tell us that he has exploded a crisis in the marriage of Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç. Özdemir after the fight could have abandoned the home.

Not everything is beautiful in the marriage of the actress of ‘Dreaming Bird’ Demet Özdemir since according to the journalist Mehmet üstündag in the digital The couple would not be going through their best moments.

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Demet and Oguzhan Koc who celebrated a wedding in style last August looked like the perfect couple until our writing came the news that Would make everything jump through the air. P>

The crisis began during Demet Özdemir’s birthday

On February 26, Demet Özdemir initiated a fund collection campaign to help Nedds Map , Raising a significant amount of money They organized a celebration for the actress since Demet had not wanted to celebrate her birthday because of the earthquake . It was in this celebration that was held at his friends’ house when the Strange behavior of Demet’s husband Özdemir Angered so much to Demet that he decided to go to sleep at home of his good friend Saadet Özs affair instead of going home with her husband.

Saadet Özsırkıntı, la amiga de Demet Özdemir. Foto: Instagram

Oğuzhan Koç repentant, tried to solve without success.

After this unpleasant incident and after being separated from his wife a few days, Oğuzhan Koç appeared on the set where his wife was rolling with a flower in his hand apologizing. According to the Turkish digital, Demet forgave her husband and returned with him home but happiness lasted little since a few days later they fought again.

We do not know the reason for this New fight but in that we are always in favor of love, we only ask that they solve their differences and that please Are again the beautiful couple They were.

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