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Crisis in ‘Iki Yabanci’: Burak Deniz no longer supports Hande Erçel

A very concrete event has exploded the seams of the good vibes they had, so far, Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel, the protas of ‘Iki Yabanci’ who now live a strong crisis in their relationship. In the professional environment of both there is panic that they do not want to promote it together. Has the end of this excellent duo of actors arrived?

Something happened in the middle of the week has made the male protagonist of ‘Iki Yabanci’, Burak Deniz, enter crisis with his partner Hande Erçel. We give you the context so that you understand why Burak is very altered with her and does not want to see her again.

Pero si estaban superbién rodando juntos…

This has created the crisis between Burak and Hande, the protas of ‘Iki Yabanci’

We go in parts. It turns out that Burak and Hande, who have known each other for years, since they had shot another series together, ‘Hayat: love without words’. Therefore, when they chose them to be the two protagonists of ‘Iki Yabanci’, Were very happy.

So far, everything great. They have just finished shooting the first season and … Or the producer puts a lot of batteries to save the furniture and reconcile them, or we are afraid that it will be gordantly assembled.

The wedding that caused the crisis

Everything has happened in the Eda Ece wedding, yildiz in ‘original sin’. We talk about her because Hande has shown in her her very seriously-the-bodious-wing-is-the-her-her-her-soup commitment with Hakan Sabanci, no matter how much this family of this one takes Regu, as we have already told you on several occasions. /p>

Well, the wedding was one of those bodies to which Media Turkey appeared. You are also guest:

Look good, because the exteriors are exactly the same as in the photos that Hande uploaded.

Do you recognize it? As if not to do it. It is Nilperi şahinkaya, the actress who has sued Burak Deniz for the altercation and aggression against her and her boyfriend who mounted on the hall of a hotel.

Obviously, Hande is not to blame for EDA to invite those who get out of the bouque You are willing to endure. He feels that he has already apologized and that he will pay the consequences before a judge, but be the runrún of an event like that is superior to his forces. Total, that if the thing is not dismissed the second part of ‘Iki Yabanci’, if there is, it is in crisis, friends.

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