First, first! There is crisis between Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci. This has taken place on his last trip and it seems that he is lasting more than expected. Will there be rupture or reconciliation? We tell you everything, everything and everything.

Hande Erçel con gorra y plumas en un barquito de pesca
Huele a ruptura, amiguis.

Has happened: the Crisis between Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci will put Hankers in a good mood. Let’s see, that we have been saying that this boy does not give us a good vibes. That is not by throwing flowers, but it was seen coming, Hande, friend, realize. Well, I’m so nervous that I don’t know where to start. Although starting, what is said to start, started in Italy.

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This was forged by Hande Erçel’s crisis with Hakan Sabanci

As you know, since he began dating Hakan, Hande and he constantly travel to other European countries. Well, apparently This is all of Hakan, which does not support that Hande fans are at all times asking for autographs, selfis and things like that. Hence, in a few weeks they have gone through Finland, Denmark, France, Italy …

Hande Erçel es un trofeo para su novio millonario

Precisely on his last trip through Tuscany (which Hande had to interrupt by his grandfather’s death) The tension between the two exploded. There were two fundamental factors: a mobile phone and a confrontation with third parties people.

Hande, fed up with Hakan’s attitude

According to the actress’s environment, Hakan’s first detail that Hande did not like anything was that he Did not release the mobile or scratch. That if this, that if that. And apparently, this Hakan’s obsession with her phone unnerved Hande, who gave him a touch of attention. We do not forget that from time to time he goes hand with the Likes …

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But the drop that filled the glass came the last day, just before the precipitate return of the actress. A group of Italian fans approached Hande to ask for autographs and photos of her. Hakan reacted furiously and threw the followers of his girl where they were. This, obviously, made his girlfriend? He got fed up, since he loves his fans and is aware of how important they are in his career. Total: The discussion between the two was one of those that make history.

No more auroras boreales together, Hakancito.

And now that?

It seems that the thing is still tense. Hande had to return to his grandfather’s funeral (and now we understand why Hakan was not there), and each has returned to his obligations. Those who know the actress say that he would have to work Hakan so that everything is again as before, but who knows what can happen!

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