Since at the San Remote Rosa Chemical festival he kissed Fedez in the mouth, the couple is in crisis. We tell you.

You can think that it is a marketing strategy to promote its reality ‘Los Ferragnez 2’, but it is not going to be. The situation between rapper Fedez and the influencer Chiara Ferragni is so critical that he is sleeping on the couch of a attic in Milan from the disastrous San Remo festival.

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It all started with Rosa Chemical kiss

As we already told you here, during the retransmission of the San Remo festival it was a little Disastr Rosa Chemical singer perreated Fedez in front of Chiara Ferragni, who laughed as if nothing, and then climb on stage and plant a morreo to the rapper who no longer made Chiara Ferragni much or the organization of the festival that can face a fine.

If you look, after acting, Chiara catches her attention for the Quite angry kiss . Look at Fedez’s face of “But what have I done?”

Chiara Mosqueadísima

For its part, Chiara Ferragni has chosen to appear on her Instagram Solo account . Nothing, not a photo with her boy, Always alone . It has even been seen to Chiara Ferragni in a IG Story without its commitment ring . This smells fatal fatal.

Fedez está durmiendo en el sofá

Fedez’s kiss to Rosa Chemical was the drop that filled the glass.

It seems that Fedez’s kiss to Rosa Chemical would have been The trigger that Chiara’s patience would have exploded since Was stealing too much prominence as a presenter of the event. Let’s see, Fedez was crowned in San Remo: he took a picture of Vice Minister Bignami live, then asked Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to legalize marijuana, the Twerking with rose chemical And the crazy morreo, so Chiara was overwhelmed and without prominence and made the decision to punish Fedez to sleep on the couch.

The fans of the couple organized a demonstration on the street to reconcile, a demonstration that was not produced because it was suspended at the last minute (less bad, what shame) but there is one thing that is true, < Strong>These two are a true picture . Baroque, but a picture after all.

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