Of stone we have stayed with this contestant who has just discovered the truth behind ‘The island of temptations’ and that could lie to the program.

It is very strong what we are going to tell you about ‘The island of temptations’, well, we are not going to tell you, you will tell you a Na of the reality contestants who have decided to sincere and reveal the truth that is hidden behind the program and that would stagger a successful format in Telecinco.

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la verdad detrás de 'la isla de las tentaciones'
Sara se ha cansado de isla y de tentaciones. Foto: Telecinco.

The truth behind ‘The island of temptations’

We have found the surprise in the Tiktok account of Sara, one of the contestants of the fifth edition of ‘The island of temptations’ that entered with Manuel and that a few days after starting was expelled with her partner to give his position to Ana and Christian.

Of course, it seems that the couple did not go very well at their exit because they broke the day after stepping Spain, (yes, you have read well), something we learned in the program ‘The island of the temptations, three months later ‘.

Sara quería verlo todo arder. Foto: Telecinco.

Sara has revealed the truth behind ‘The island of temptations’

In his Tiktok account, Sara has told something that has left us crazy. It turns out that the contestant when asked in a direct for the reason for the expulsion of her said without disheveled: “Let’s see how I explain it … Well, They threw me because I was not unfaithful to my partner . That is why they threw me, literally ”and add as a warning:“ If you knew what is behind…

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Thus, Sara uncovers one of the best kept secrets of ‘The island of temptations’ and is the way of acting of the program of the program if one of the couples does not match or behaves with low profile: the expulsion. /p>

In another part of the video, Sara, not satisfied with the torpedo in the program of flotation of the program, is asked about the amount of money they have paid to what she replies: “practically, nothing.” >

@chismedeltiktok PARTE 2 || Sara habla sobre porque la hecharon de La Isla de Las Tentaciones, como a Inma Campano. #laisladelastentaciones #3mesesdespues ♬ sonido original – .

And Sara threatens to count more and we please ask him to do so, that we are all ears and that we love this type of salseos behind the cameras of ‘The island of temptations.

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