All Italy talks about the same thing: the former Can Yaman, Dibrate Leotta, the famous Dazn’s announcer is pregnant according to her own words. Look at it.

And it has been the Italian digital Io Donna who has made the hare jump, or rather, The baby . And it seems that in the last Tiktok of Diletta it gives the impression that he has a Suspicious belly Castle, the German Loris Karius.

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Diletta Leotta is very happy with Loris Karius

Since breaking with Can Yaman after a torrid romance that fell in love with all Italy with a commitment ring valued at 30000 euros and visit to the house of Can Yaman’s mother in Turkey included, Diletta began to go out with the Giacomo surfer model Cavalli for shortly after leaving him to go out with the German goalkeeper.

Since that relationship began, Diletta is exultant , happy, full of love and full so it would not be surprising that Would have taken the next step: to be a mother.

Diletta is addicted to sport

As we tell you here, Diletta Leotta has an enviable physical form, a typorah and a flat belly that is the envy of table manufacturers to wash in the river, so when the editors of Io Donna have seen the last Tiktok of the Dazn presenter, have flipped so much that they have not been able to avoid giving the alarm.

@dilettaleotta Last week in #sanremo @patriziapepeofficial ♬ Drop – Connor Price & Zensery

And it is that at a given time, Diletta a very tight beige dress is tested and where before there was a ironing table made of steel for the ships, there is now a beautiful belly. >

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And of course, Has been struck . And it has been bundled because it is not what we have accustomed dilatta that as we tell you does not have this type of belly more typical of a Two -month pregnancy .

And finally Diletta Leotta announced that she is pregnant

With this brief phrase: “We have to tell you something… but did they all know? We are exploding with joy! We and my belly ❤️

We will be three! ”, Diletta Leotta hugged her boyfriend confirmed on Instagram that our suspicions seeing that belly were true and that they are waiting for a beautiful baby.

Diletta leotta will give birth in August and will be there to tell you.

Who is Loris Karius, Diletta Leotta’s boyfriend?

Loris Karius is a German footballer who works as a goalkeeper or goalkeeper. He was born on June 22, 1993 in the city of Biberach, Germany. Karius is known for having played in teams such as Mainz 05 and Liverpool FC, where he had an outstanding performance in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, although he also made several mistakes that cost him goals and criticism. He currently plays in the Union Berlin of the German Bundesliga.

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