Chiara Ferragni leaves everything in the Paris Fashion Week and urgently returns with Fedez

As we told you yesterday, Fedez had disappeared from social networks for approximately three weeks after liar it brown during the San Remo Festival. So much was the stir that was mounted for his Gay kiss with singer Rosa Chemical at the festival that even spoke of divorce Between the rapper Fedez and the influencer Chiara Ferragni who are one of the most powerful couples at the media level that is right now in Italy.

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But Yesterday we find a message from Fedez that made us understand everything that was happening in the couple’s life.

Fedez confesses mental health problems

The rapper confessed the True reasons that had led him to act that way in recent months. He also said that he was suffering very strong side effects Because of ceasing Lose a daily kilo . Fedez in an emotional moment of the video, had a few words to thank his wife Chiara Ferragni all the support he was giving her and acknowledged that she Had been there during her convalescence , throwing the whole family to the back, including him.

Chiara has left everything for love for Fedez’s message.

As we have known, after Fedez’s story, Chiara Ferragni has abandoned the Paris Fashion Week , an unmissable event in which all the Famous, influencers and brands to show the trends of the next season and to which Chiara has never missed.

All those who were pointing to a possible crisis among the couple, have realized that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are more united than ever.

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Chiara has already participated in the Dior parade and Louis Vuitton’s parade, but The call for help of Fedez has managed to end his stay in Paris and Suspend many multitude of Business meetings with the brands that would serve to organize Your agenda for 2023.

In a photo uploaded by Chiara while leaving for the airport you can read a brief: “I return home with the family” and we add “that in reality, it is the only thing that matters”

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