If their two -storey apartment and almost 300 square meters were not enough, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have bought a new house in Milan and ask for help to decorate it. Look at it.

Chiara Ferragni has already left behind the problems with her husband Fedez and the controversies lived during the Sanremo Festival including the gay kiss with Rosa Chemical.

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nueva casa de Chiara Ferragni en Milán crush.news

Has now been Fully in new projects and one of the most important is that of her new home with her husband, the Ferragnez! The house will be ready between August and September and Chiara is doing an interior design work with her architects, but she needs ideas! So he has just asked for help from his followers to furnish his new love nest.

By the way, did you know that Chiara is learning Spanish? Yes, one of her favorite languages! And he is doing it because he wants to speak it very well, since he Us also speak it thanks to the nanny . And speaking of their family, Chiara and Fedez had made a Inspection of the residential complex under construction in Citylife , in front of the three towers, where the couple would have Bought an apartment distributed in two floors . The Ferragnez’s house will be ready after summer and before the new work and school season. According to Chiara’s call in his Instagram story, he will be asking all of his fans to furnish this new apartment in Milan, so we will remain attentive …

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Imagen del apartamento actual de Ferragnez. Foto:Instagram.

And speaking of the new Ferragnez house, three years ago the couple entered the Milanés department where Chiara and Fedez now live. What a love nest! With jacuzzi on the balcony, windows that surround the house between the high -tech skyscrapers, an open staircase that connects the two floors, large tables to receive friends and guests, fine candlesticks, finishes of one thousand and one nights … Anyway, one Wonderful! But now the family has expanded and need new spaces to accommodate all and especially to create new locations for their stories.

Here we leave you an images of the current apartment of Chiara and Fedez so that you are caught the roll to the decoration they like.

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