It seems that the love story between the prota of ‘Love is in the air’, Hande Erçel and the businessman Hakan Sabanci is getting serious because we have the photos of his romantic getaway to Paris. Look at it.

Yesterday we announced to bass drum and saucer that the couple of ‘Amigovios’ formed by actress Hande Erçel and businessman Hakan Sabanci had scheduled a trip to Lapia to attend one of the most intriguing and spectacular phenomena of the earth: < Strong>The northern lights.

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And it is that the clues that Of these two are very serious , we had them before our eyes:

The caught in a restaurant a couple of months ago, another caught in which Hakan went out the back door to avoid caught by the paparazzi and even a Visit to meet his mother, They tell us that there is a serious relationship here that is gradually reaffirming.

Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci in Paris

Well today, we bring you another proof that these two are much more than serious since Hande and Hakan are in the city of love: Paris.

Gzetemagazin magazine has just published a photo of them two in the passport control on the way to Paris.

Taking into account your scheduled trip to Finland for March 9 , we assume that this technical stop will be for Spend 5 days enjoying of ‘The City of Love’ , destination searched by couples in love with the entire planet.

After a disastrous period in which Turkey has suffered one of the greatest natural disasters of all its history and in which Hande Erçel has turned to the aid to the victims, he has to rest a little before starting the filming of His new series ‘Iki Yabanci’ with Burak Deniz, of which we already tell you the argument here.

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argumento de la nueva serie de Hande Erçel

After these images that make it clear that Hande Erçel is starting a new relationship with businessman Hakan Sabanci , we say goodbye. Seriously, in a selfish way we would like to One of the most charismatic couples, the ‘hanekrs’, but honestly, as we see that this will not be able to be, since Kerem is foolishing with the lawyer Busra Akture, what we want is that Hande is happy and it seems that for now, it is being in Paris.

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