It is very possible that you have increasingly heard the name of Carolina Yuste. He went through El Hormiguero to promote his new play, prostitution, the actress is a safe value for the directors and not only because he won the Goya for the best cast actress in 2019, but because he has a talenton And we do not say that, they say all the works that he has done since 2012, with only 21 years, when he debuted in theater. But there are many more things you should know about this actress. For example, did you know that Carolina Yuste was Jaime Lorente’s girlfriend?

¿Hacían un parejón o no? Foto: Redes.

Yes, Met doing theater , specifically in the work Fuenteovejuna in 2015. At that time they were not known for the general public either of them, although their name was already strongly sounding in the world of interpretation. In addition, one and the other try to maintain their private life strictly outside their facet as actors. Although it is true that Jaime has not been able to prevent his Courtship with María Pedraza, already broken , would come to light. Carolina and Jaime were together for a couple of years, until life led them on different paths. But we are going to leave you here some images of the two together working so that Flipes.

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If you can describe Carolina Yuste with two words is feminist and a whole pioneer. She already made it clear at the Goya gala, when she received her prize: “I am happy to be in a project in which 70% of the team are women , women in positions of decision. When we are given our voice, movies like Carmen and Lola come out, which can change consciences and make this world a more healthy place. ”

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Te contamos que Carolina Yuste fue novia de Jaime Lorente y otros secretos de la actriz
Nos sumamos al lema de su abanico: #niunamenos. Foto: Agencias.

And also in his passage through El Hormiguero , where he told how he had ridiculed a politic which is part of the work. But in addition, she dared to be one of the first to confess without tapujos on television that she used Clitoris sucks . It was in The resistance and since then the issue became a forced question for all the guests, ceasing to be a taboo. We can almost dare to say that it was she who Made him fashionable.

And in addition to knowing that Carolina Yuste was Jaime Lorente’s girlfriend , you also have to learn more about his facets. For example, in addition to the interpretation, one of her great passions is the Dance and especially her land, Extremadura. Feminist, discreet, talented and, although he does not like to be told, with a racial beauty that catches.

Carolina Yuste has just released ‘without footprints’

The “No footprints” series is an action comedy starring Carolina Yuste, along with Camila Sodi, who follows the history of two cleaner, desi and tasting, who find a body in the mansion they just clean, and then They are wrapped in a dangerous criminal plot that makes them murder suspects. After being fired from their work, the girls see in the commission of cleaning the Roselló mansion the solution to their problems. However, everything twists and ends up fleeing a much more convoluted plan than it seems. The series consists of an eight -chapter season, each of approximately forty minutes. “Without footprints” premiered on March 17, 2023 and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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