The Hande Erçel series for Disney Plus, Siren. also that of Demet Özdemir. We are in deep shock, really. What happened? We have investigated and these are the reasons that have led the platform to say goodbye to one of the most anticipated series of the year.

La actriz junto a la Sirenita de Copenhague para dejar caer su papel: Hande Erçel como sirena de Disney +

Mermaid (or siren, as you prefer), The series that Hande Erçel was going to star for Disney has been canceled. Likewise, the second season of Between the world and me, with Demet Özdemir at the head, too. We are still shocked and trying to digest what happened. What we do have are the reasons that have led to this sudden decision. We tell you.

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What we know about the sad news of the Canceltened Series of Hande Erçel for Disney

As we have been telling you for a few months, Hande was going to star in a series in which he would make a siren. The script of Siren was signed by the prestigious producer Mf production, and it was expected that the beautiful actress was on the set rolling it immediately after finishing the first three episodes of the Iki yabanci series , that is being done for Fox.

Posado de Hande Erçel junto a una piscina con trenza

However, due to the structuring of Disney Plus that covers everyone with respect to the approval of the global budget, filming at the moment has ceased to have a date.

Identical case is that of the second season of the Demet Özdemir series, Between the world and me, also of MF Production. The new installment was scheduled to shoot this summer. It was also known that Buğra Gülsoy, Zerrin Tekindor and İbrahim Selim would continue in the team, but that an actor and an actress were going to be incorporated into the cast.

Al menos, en Netflix podremos disfrutar de la segunda parte de la comedia romántica ‘Tácticas en el amor’.

Is it definitive?

Well, this is the burning nail to which we grab us. Disney ensures that projects have simply postponed. But Do not talk about resuming them, so we don’t know if it is a definitive cancellation or if, after a few months, the projects will resume.

Quizá ‘Iki Yabanci’ pueda adelantar su rodaje…

Of course, this could promote the filming of Iki yabanci and advance the premiere of the series. Something is something …

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