Serenay Sarikaya’s new series that was scheduled to be released today, is canceled without date. We tell you why.

Of sweet potato pasta we have met when we find out that ‘aile’ (‘family’) the new series of the protagonist of ‘Shahmaran’, Serenay Sarikaya was suspended without premiere day.

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cancelada la serie de Serenay Sarikaya

The advances hanging on YouTube Have hundreds of thousands of reproductions and what promised to be one of the most anticipated Turks’ turks of the year, Has remained in the dry dock without anyone knowing when they are going to be released.

The ‘Aile’ series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (‘Yakamoz’) and Serenay Saríkaya (‘Shahmaran’) has been suspended While Turkey does not recover from the two disastrous earthquakes they have devastated the south of the country. But ‘Aile’ has not been the only one, it seems that the filming and premiere of many series Is leisurely for the same reason.

When will the first episode be issued?

There is no clear announcement of the issuance date of the first chapter of ‘Aile’. Its Premiere was scheduled for mid -February but in the end It could not be due to earthquakes.

What is ‘Aile’, the new Serenay Sarikaya series?

Based on the mythical series ‘Los Soprano’ , Aile ’talks about changing dynamics of a Wealthy family . The main plot is based on Aslan, A young man Strong>Will be tangled in a world as dark as attractive.

Anyway, we hope everything will happen in Turkey and the earthquakes send so that the Turkish people can get up again and resume their lives. Meanwhile, if we have the premiere of the ‘Aile’ we will let you know.

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