You already know that Sunday it’s time to go to the polls. And many of us may not have an idea of whom we are going to vote. If the prota of ‘El Turco’ was presented, I already told you that the doubts of a stroke were going to be erased, but what cannot be, cannot be. However, on Saturday Can Yaman has prepared two surprises with whom we plan to cheer our day of reflection. Ayyyyy!

While all Spain is preparing to vote on Sunday, the eve is what they call the Reflection day. we are supposed to all think very strong about the candidate or candidate that we want to represent us in our municipality and, in much of the territory, also in the Autonomous Community. Total, that on Saturday we will not have electoral propaganda or campaign events or anything. How boring, right? (It is irony). Well, everyone calm down, that With the surprises that Can Yaman brings us the same we throw the day.

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Can Yaman has announced surprises for Saturday

And the first of the surprises that Can Yaman has already can tell you: Will be signing from 4:00 p.m. IM>(also it seems strange to me). We would already like to say that this will happen in some mall of the country, but no: it will be In Milan, in the Mondadori bookstore in the Plaza de la Cathedral. However …

CAN himself explained that, If you acquire the book in that bookstore, you will get an exclusive pass to enter the book signing (that is, you take a signature, real vision Life of the actor and , with a little luck, selfi together). And he adds that there will be “two extraordinary surprises.” What will they be? Aaaaay, we can’t get there, friend. But believe us: we plan to be very aware on Saturday of what happens in Milan. Total, about something we will have to reflect, right?

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