Can Yaman’s self -employment will make you understand how hard and intense the filming of ‘El Turco’ is resulting. Keep reading.

Ok, maybe the headline should have been: “Can Yaman makes your imagination fly with this suggestive foam bath” , but what Can Yaman needs during the weekend It is not hustle What do not say it, We too.

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El ritual de Can Yaman en la bañera

In addition, some new detail of the series is filtered every week. From Can Yaman scenes preparing the horse struggles to new decorations and this week was not going to be less. Here are the new locations for ‘the Turk’ that this time includes what seems like a Church with its attached cemetery and everything that they give a little fear, the truth.

The fandom for its part either for. To the Hundreds of ‘edits’ of the photos of Can Yaman and as long as it does not come from Disney, the imagination of the fans flies high, wearing Can Yaman of Turkish prince As if it were Ken , Barbie’s boyfriend.

Créditos de las imágenes: @Canimitalia

That’s why we understand Can Yaman’s ritual when the weekend arrives. At the end of last year, we could see Can Yaman in ‘His prison’ of him, specifically spending Saturday night with a couple of friends while he enjoyed dancers’ show at the hotel restaurant. A bittersweet feeling since Can Yaman looked Tired and locked in a hotel that cannot be left and that considers a captivity more than a place where to rest.

The hotel we already showed it to you and we even enter its room, but what we bring you today is something new that the actor of ‘dream bird’ has given us and we had not seen before.

Can Yaman’s ritual to start the weekend (and we would like to invite us)

Ya os dijimos que sabíamos cómo era la habitación de Can Yaman por dentro y no nos creísteis. Foto: Matild Palace

Can Yaman’s ritual consists of filling the warm water bath, putting good gel, Undress , surely get a moante and get A couple of hours to rest That Turkish body that has given everything rolling ‘the Turk’ during the endless working days. We do not know if With a book

“well deserved” Can Yaman tells us about the image and we are sure that he is right because Can Yaman is not one of those who commit halfway. Can Yaman is one of those who give themselves to something, give everything. Either to the filming of a series in Budapest or to the arms of a woman. This is him and that is why we applaud the Can Yaman ritual that we already tell you that we are going to copy this afternoon with book, candles, music, a glass of wine in hand and maybe up to two slices of cucumber in the eyes because We when we get, we get.

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