My mother, my mother, my mother. Between the heat wave and the Hot detail of Can Yaman (without a doubt, an oversight) I am missing hands and I have plenty of suffocones. You have not seen him? Yeah? He is very gross, but I go with it. Record that I have notified.

Can Yaman, vestido de blanco de arriba abajo en un exterior

Let’s see, to focus the subject (with forgiveness, then you will understand me). It should be noted that the negligence quite hot of Can Yaman does not bother me at all, but I do not want someone to complain about what I show things not suitable for children’s schedule. So you know: If you have children close, let them go before continuing to go down.

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Can Yaman Hot carelessness this weekend in Benevento

Sandokan’s protagonist had reasons this weekend to meet with his audience in Benevento. On the one hand, Were going to deliver two awards (one for his career and one for the social work of Can Yaman for Children). On the other, the fans are desandito that starts to start on The Turk, the series that is already in chapel for Disney Plus, and on Sandokán, the one that has it that has it occupied now.

That, not counting that Violet as the sea, that opens in Spain, will have second part and will be its next project.

But we go to the nougat. It turns out that Can arrived in Benevento Guapa, as always. On this occasion, with a Total look of Dolce & AMP; Gabbana: The shirt, wrinkled effect, showed its pectoral work. But no, this is not the carelessness we are talking about.

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¡ESTE es el descuido hot de Can Yaman!

The pants, wonderful too (what is not good for this boy?), It was from the latest summer collection (1,150 Euritos of nothing) and is made in silk sarga. And you will say: And what is wrong with silk sarga? And I will answer you: man, bad, what is said bad, nothing. But it has a lot

No hace falta que os haga un croquis, ¿verdad?

Speak clear: that That pants drew all the Dream bird. But I imagine you have already understood me.

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