Had already worried us but finally Can Yaman has moved token and has made a brutal donation to those affected by the earthquake of Turkey. We tell you.

Two days ago an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 with replicas of 7.4 Shook the south of Turkey and part of Syria leaving Hundreds of dead, thousands of injured and huge material losses In his path. In a very difficult months because of the cold wave that hit Turkey, Rescue work has become almost impossible despite the fact that time plays against the few teams that have been displaced to the area.

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All Turkish actors showed their generosity except one

And the question is – and we are not going to deceive you – that all actors except Can Yaman spoke about what was happening in their country. They asked for help in emotional videos such as Kerem Bürsin, flooded their help stories for those affected as Demet Özdemir or even got to work and were like another volunteer to help on the ground like Burak Deniz.

But Can Yaman spent the hours and did not pronounce Until …

The Turk Digital Gazete Magazin has just published that Can Yaman has made a Donation of 250000 Turkish Liras to those affected by the earthquake or what is the same 12372 euros . An amount that Is not bad and that will go Destined for the most disadvantaged that Have lost all during the earthquake.

Why has Can Yaman reacted before?

The point is that we can only assume that the reason why the protagonist of ‘Dreaming bird’ has not been able to react before has been For the filming of his series for Disney+ ‘El Turco’ that It is located in its final phase and that it has to fulfill strict calendars to arrive on time for assembly and production.

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As we say, Is only an assumption although knowing Can Yaman we are sure that As soon as he can move to the zero zone to lend a hand recovering time Lost.

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