Can Yaman’s colleagues have had this reaction to the fund collection campaign promoted by Can Yaman .

Of all is known the Solidarity character of the Turkish actor of ‘Erkenci Kus’, Can Yaman. Long before the catastrophe that has ravaged the south of Turkey and part of Syria with an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, Can Yaman had the Association ‘Can Yaman for Children’ in which it has always helped sick children and precisely this association is The one that is using to collect funds for those affected by the Turkey earthquake.

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The filming of ‘El Turco’ is in its final phase. The whole team has to meet deadlines and arrive on time since on the grid of the Disney+premieres, ‘El Turco’ is already scheduled and Nothing can fail , but this has not removed so that our Can Yaman makes a donation of 25000 Turkish lira (about 12000 euros) and prepare its appearance this Sunday at a solidarity gala organized by Disney+ and that will broadcast on the Fox channel. Yesterday we told you the emission schedule of the Disney+ gala for the Turkey earthquake and we gave you the links of the channels where you could see it live from any device with Internet connection.

Can Yaman en la gala Disney

Next to Can Yaman will be presenting the Demet Özdemir gala, its former partner in the series ‘Dreamy bird’, with whom it was said that it had a romance and Tentu Dere, the protagonist of the series ‘Infiel’ who was given by missing and according to some Turkish media by dead during the earthquake. Her call for her gala fills us with hope and we will die to see her alive and hang on the stage.

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Can Yaman’s last ‘Story’ launched a campaign to collect funds with a link.

Solidarity between Camas de Can Yaman in ‘El Turco’

As soon Instagram account. We do not know for sure if Can Yaman has asked for a repost of his story, but it is a solidarity detail of a team that seems very close.

The first, the model and companion of Can Yaman in ‘El Turco’, Greta Ferro that has shared the ‘Story’ of Can:

To follow almost all of colleagues who contribute their grain of sand.

A whole gesture that will undoubtedly help to alleviate the effects of the earthquake to survivors. And you, Have you already donated ?

The ‘Can Yaman For Children’ link to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey is This one that leads to its website:

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