Having had to attend a disaster that has devastated his country since the distance, has been very hard for Can Yaman.

You already know that Can Yaman is in Turkey rolling the latest scenes of ‘El Turco’ a Historical blockbuster produced by Disney+ and that has an international canning of the highest level. And we say that they are the last scenes because according to the chain planning, Everything has to be finished in February so that it can be mounted, produced and launched. Something that has coincided with the earthquake of magnitude 7.8 happened on February 6 in the south of Turkey and that Has devastated half a country and part of Syria.

Can Yaman is caught in Hungary

And so we have learned The despair of Can Yaman , a solidarity man and focused on social causes that he has not been able to fly to his native country to lend a hand in the work of help < Strong>Because of the filming of ‘El Turco’ . This was told by the protagonist of ‘Dream Bird’ in an interview offered to the Italian Grazia magazine.

Of course, Can Yaman has not been crossed by crossed hands while the largest disaster lived by his country happened.

Your interview in Grazia

In statements to the Italian magazine Grazia , Can Yaman said: “The earthquake disaster wounded my homeland, Turkey, caused thousands of victims, and I witnessed all this with despair with despair and pain ”. We understand that “despair” corresponds to the fact of Not being able to go to the aid of his people for demands of his contract with Disney It is necessary at the scene.

In the interview with Grazia, The actor also spoke of ‘El Turco’ , a series that has been filming for more than 6 months in Hungary and that is assuming The greatest physical challenge and as an actor that he had to face. The series is also rolling in English, something that provides greater difficulty to filming, a situation that exhausts Can Yaman day after day.

Although it is not known when the series El Turco will be transmitted in Disney+, it is expected that it will reach our screens at some point in 2023.

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