Thanks to a fan, Can Yaman’s visit to Latin America could become a reality. We tell you everything.

And what we are telling you about the protagonist of ‘El Turco’ is more than a news, A movement . Can Yaman visiting Latin America is closer than you can imagine and if you live in this continent today we bring you good news.

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It is a cry that Can Yaman’s fans are All over the world and they would all like to see him in their country. For example, Spanish fans Die of envy to see how Can Yaman has chosen Italy to settle and develop a career there. Why has Can Yaman chosen Spain? Or Argentina? Or Chile? Or Venezuela? It gives us angry and envy in equal parts but it seems that a fan with determination has proposed to end this.

Can Yaman visiting Latin America

It turns out that through the platform the following request has been put into operation.

Can Yaman’s fan is called Leonela Giangreco and at least has visibility with this request for Can Yaman to visit Latin America.

On the Change platform if a petition has more than 200 signatures (only 65 signatures remain to achieve it), they place it Among the recommended requests , which would still achieve More visibility and I would get what Giangreco will be intended: to see him Can Yaman and that a trip through this continent is raised even if it is on vacation.

If you want to participate, you can do it in this link and who knows if Thanks to your firm and those of some more fans you get the dream of having Can Yaman visit in Latin America, he falls in love with your places and roll some series there …

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I have already signed, and you?

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