Yesterday we told you how all Turkish actors to a greater or lesser extent have shown their Solidarity with the terrible earthquake that has ravaged the south of the country and part of Syria. Both Kerem Bürsin and Burak Deniz, Demet Özdemir, Hande Erçel … all! Turned to /p>

Why doesn’t Can Yaman show his solidarity with Turkey?

We do not understand very well what is taking Can Yaman to react like this since the Actor has always turned with those disadvantaged both in his country Turkey and in his second Homeland, Italy.

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Recall that among other actions, in 2019 Can Yaman participated with Demet Özdemir in a Charity gala to raise funds for children with leukemia.

Donations and visits to Italian hospitals are also famous to show their solidarity and make important donations since it has even mounted an association called ‘Can Yaman for Children’ to which it allocates part of the sales of its mania perfume.

As you will see, Can Yaman Has always been supportive , generous and committed to the most disadvantaged, so We do not manage to understand why it is wearing this way at this hard time If in 2020 he raised funds to donate to those affected by the last earthquake that ravaged Turkey.

The reasons why Can Yaman does not show their support for those affected by the Turkey earthquake

We know that Can Yaman is immersed in the filming of ‘El Turco’, its most international series for Disney+. Can Yaman is in Budapest, where the Korda studies are, famous because it is the place where other historical series such as ‘The Last Kingdom’ have been shot and for all the news that we have already told you in Crush.News, it does not have time or breathing. Surely The end of the series is near your compatriots? do not understand it.

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We want to imagine that Will give us a surprise and will do some type of Fund collection or a generous donation to help your people who already go for more of 1700 dead , 12,000 injured , and large material losses, so any type of help is welcome.

But do not worry, at the moment when Can Yaman show Any sign of help (something that will happen almost certainly 100%), also We will tell you the first.

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