Can Yaman a Masterchef? How can that be? We know that our favorite Turk has a project between hands.

Can Yaman does not stop. Last Wednesday there was nothing less than in Piazza Di Spagna, in Rome (we put it in Italian because if we put it in Spanish you think you have missed a Possible visit to Spain and It gives you a parraque), with its break the wall tour. But there is something that Has very intrigued in the writing and that we can only attribute to one thing: we are going to Yaman to Masterchef!

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Can Yaman ingresa en el Top 5 de Hollywood
Chiquillo, a ver cuándo te dejas caer por España, que te pillamos al lado.

Have you noticed that lately a kitchens is made?

Without a doubt, he is involved in a project related to the kitchen. And yes, I wish it was Masterchef, in its Celebrity edition and (please, almighty, we ask you) in the Spanish version. But no idea. What is clear is that for a while this part does not stop raising dishes that he prepares.

Preparación de un plato con pasta de Can Yaman
Pasta y proteína marina: el cóctel perfecto para un deportista como él.

We recently show you your favorite pizza, which undoubted in which we see dish that has prepared.

tiella barese preparado por Can Yaman
Se nos ha revelado como un gran cocinillas. Algo se trae entre manos.

If we see Can Yaman in Masterchef, that is in Spain, please

Among the foods you like best and that are never missing at home is the artichoke, as we recently tell you. “If Cucina bene qui” (he cooks well here), he added next to the story in which we saw him confiring his favorite vegetable.

Alcachofas confitadas hechas por Can Yaman
Están para meterles mano, la verdad.

seen the effort to show us its 100% Italian recipes, it looks like Can Yaman is preparing a kitchen program. Who knows? Like here we get the beautiful one who makes the competition to Jordi Cruz …

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