Those in charge of ‘The island of the celebrities’ want to be Can Yaman the envoy to Honduras. We tell you.

No, it is not ‘the island of temptations’, can you imagine? It is to go as a presenter to ‘The island of the celebrities’ as if it were Lara Álvare /p>

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While Can Yaman gives the last brushstrokes to his role as they shot in ‘El Turco’ that is being shot in Budapest for Disney+, in Italy they have proposed that our ‘dream bird’ Participate in the new edition of ‘ The island of the celebrities’, the famous contest you know well since in Spain it is called ‘Survivors’ and is also about to start in our country.

On social networks, the news that comments that Can Yaman has been among the possible names that could go to ‘The island of the celebrities’ that will be broadcast as soon as another famous Contest that is taking place in Italy such as ‘Big Brother VIP’. According to the TV Blog page, the Presenter would very much like Can Yaman to be her sent to Honduras.

Ilary Blasi

The reality that will be issued in Canale 5 Will compose 10 episodes and there will be only two presenters: Vladimir Luxuria and Enrico Papi but The presenter Strong>On the island is still open in the absence of Can Yaman’s response that has even On April 17 to give an answer.

To accept, the filming of ‘Viola Come Il Mare 2’ will have to be delayed until July, something that Seems unlikely since Lux Vide is waiting for Can Yaman to finish shooting ‘the Turk’ February to start with the production of the series.

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