We are going to tell you the news that Italy is sweeping that it is said that Francesca Chillemi’s marriage with her boyfriend could be committed because of Can Yaman. She keeps reading.

Francesca Chillemi began working in Fashion and advertising but a short time later he found his true passion and this was the Interpretation .

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Can Yaman estropea la boda de Francesca Chillemi

Francesca gradually interpreted increasingly important roles, from those of a simple figurant to secondary in the series of the moment. And so she until she gets to where she is now as one of the most solvent actresses in Italy and that all directors want in her projects.

Now he is interpreting ‘Che ci aiuti’ as Sor Ángela and has just interpreted ‘Viola eats il mare’ with another great actor such as Can Yaman .

How is Francesca Chillemi in your private life?

As for private life, former Miss Italy is the mother of a girl with the businessman Stefano Rosso with whom she is not married.

Why has Francesca Chillemi married her daughter’s father?

Francesca Chillemi’s couple is the Stefano Rosso businessman. The son of the famous Renzo Rosso Founder of the Diesel clothing brand in which he works today. They met in 2015 and a year later his daughter Rania was born.

Although they look like a happy couple, there is something that Francesca fans in Italy wonder and is, why have Francesca and Stefano married?

Francesca does not talk about this in the interviews but all in Italy suspect that the fault of it is an incident that occurred last year with Can Yaman in which Chi magazine uncovered some Photos for which it was seen Can Yaman and Francesca go out together in some apartments where and as the magazine said, they would have spent the night together . After the publication, Can Yaman and Francesca stopped continuing and interacting on social networks.

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In March ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ is rolled again

A few weeks ago we told you that Lux Vide, the producer of ‘Viola’ communicated that the filming of the second season of the series for Mediaset had been signed, so we will see Can Yaman and Francesca again on a set.

In addition, responsible for the producer, they also had part of the argument of the second season in which for more inri and as if it were a whim of destiny it was (ahem, example), it seems that the sexual tension between the interpreted police inspector By Can Yaman, Francesco Demir and Viola, the character played by Francesca Chillemi, will solve the sexual tension between them. Come on, morbid in its purest state that we are sure that Will not help put peace in the couple formed by Francesca and Stefano.

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