After the statement of Can Yaman in which he warned that he was injured from the filming of ‘El Turco’ we have achieved the photos where you can see what has happened to him. Look at it.

Today, March 9, the ‘Break The Wall Tour’ of Can Yaman has started. A solidarity initiative organized by ‘Can Yaman for Children’ that aims to help all those young people who have fallen into an addiction never seen before their electronic devices.

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On this first date Can Yaman has visited the Polyclinic Umberto I of Rome which will be The first stop of an initiative that will allocate part of its income also to those affected by The earthquake that soló Turkey on February 6.

Lesión de Can Yaman en 'El Turco'

What injury has done Can Yaman rolling ‘El Turco’?

This morning and through a statement, Can Yaman reported how his life had been during these last 7 months. A very hard work which according to the protagonist of ‘Dreaming Bird’ gets very good mouth taste And a couple of injuries.

And of course, as he has come out of the car in the Umberto I Polyclinic in Rome, the first thing we have been able to see is A splint in the left hand . And she looks that we hardly see her because the set of suit with vest and moccasins of Dolce & Amp; Gabbana accompanied by hair collected in a moñet

And see that being Pocho and exhausted has not prevented him from taking a thousand photos, greeting all the workers of the hospital and deploying all the sympathy of which he is capable.

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Of course, from time to time, it was noted that Something was not going well in his hand and Can Yaman played it to try to placate the inconvenience.

Until the dog of a fan who did not want to miss the event, he took an such affectionate greeting from ‘El Turco’ Balabán. It is to love him.

Why could Can Yaman carry a splint on the thumb of the left hand?

We do not know very well what happened to him in his hand, we only know that during the filming of ‘The Turk’ Has set up horse , Shot with an arc , Fought with swords, given the occasional punch and has suffered devices in the most dangerous action scenes that he ever had to face. And of course, the Can Yaman goes to the source that these could be The reasons why he is having to wear a splint in his left hand:

The application of a splint on the thumb may be necessary for several reasons, some of which include:

  1. Lesión: Una lesión en el dedo pulgar, como una fractura o una torcedura, puede requerir una férula para inmovilizar el dedo y permitir que se cure correctamente.
  2. Tendinitis: La tendinitis en el dedo pulgar, una inflamación del tendón, puede mejorar con el uso de una férula para reducir la presión sobre el tendón y permitir la curación.
  3. Artritis: La artritis en el dedo pulgar puede provocar dolor y rigidez en la articulación. El uso de una férula puede ayudar a aliviar el dolor y proteger la articulación afectada.
  4. Sobrecarga repetitiva: Los deportes que requieren un uso repetitivo del dedo pulgar, como el baloncesto, el voleibol o el béisbol, pueden causar una sobrecarga en la articulación. El uso de una férula puede ayudar a reducir la tensión en la articulación y prevenir lesiones.

In general, the application of a splint in the thumb can Help protect the joint , reduce pain and Improve the healing of injuries or chronic conditions.

We also tell you: Can Yaman has commented that a couple of injuries were brought as a gift and we have already seen one for what we ask ourselves Where is the other injury that Can Yaman commented? We will continue to inform.

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