Yes, we will be able to see Can Yaman in Spain promoting series! This will happen … and very soon. We have compiled everything that is known about the matter.

It is wonderful that Can Yaman is touring Italy with his break the wall, but Is even better for Spain to present a new series. We tell you everything that is known until now.

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What you need to know about Can Yaman’s arrival in Spain

In we have a lot of info about Viola eat il mare or, as it is going to be called in Spain, Violet as the sea (come on, that the translation has been literal). That is why we wanted to extract the most important thing for you to know Everything about her and about the arrival of Can Yaman.

Is about to be released on Antena 3

The first is the first. Violet as the sea premieres in Antena 3 and, although there is still no closed date, the classic “very soon” indicates that we are days. This is what the door has opened us to think that Can will come to Spain to promote it. this and something else.

Can Yaman, vestido de blanco de arriba abajo en un exterior

The series is produced by Mediaset Italy

Mediaset is the multimedia group that, in Spain, integrates numerous television networks, such as Telecinco, Antena 3, Divinity … although in the latter numerous series starring Turkish actors, Violet as the sea It has two ingredients that make it top: one, the fact that Can Yaman star. Two, that Is produced by Mediaset, so it seems very likely that the actor moves from Italy to present it.

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argumento de 'viola come il mare 2'

And not just that. We know how much Can Yaman loves his fans from Spain: we can’t think of a better time for him to come and see. But there is more: what is that promotes the premiere in Spain and on its Instagram account?

¡Esto huele muchísimo a visita en breve!

The other track: the second part has just shot

Mediaset has a lot of interest in the series triumphs. Because of winning money, you know, but also because they have recently shot the second part and know that in a good promotion is the key to success.

By the way, it is very likely that Francesca Chillemi accompany Can in the promotion: it is your distribution partner (and your love interest in fiction, although we have suspicions that you crossed the screen).

Francesca Chillemi va a matar a Can Yaman

With this series, Can ‘premiered’ nose

The actor had to undergo a correction operation of the nasal septum, which Prevented him from breathing normally. end. Although we also tell you that aesthetically there is almost nothing.

What is the new Can Yaman series that we will finally see in Spain?

Violet as the sea To settle in Palermo. Also Leave the world of fashion to enter the journalism of events.

After being involved in a murder, he will meet the Chief inspector Francesco Demir (Can Yaman), with which he will maintain a love-hate relationship under which he beats a deep attraction. >

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