Finally we have images of Can Yaman in ‘House’ even if it comes with a change of style that has not accustomed us.

The filming of its new series for Disney+ has ended and back were Six long months of physical and intellectually exhausting work . A frantic filming that led the actor of ‘Dream Bird’ to the exhaustion and separated from the closest friends of him since to play ‘El Turco’ Balaban he had to move to the capital of Hungary.

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Can Yaman is back in Rome

And of course, as Can Yaman’s images are served with droppers, these that we bring you today from the Turkish actor, Are worth a thousand . In them you can see a smiling Can Yaman, with a unbuttoned black shirt and With the hair collected.

Can Yaman lately Does not usually publish many images of his on social networks , so this image is extracted from the Instagram Stories of the Sarkos Restaurant. A place specialized in flesh where Can Yaman surely enjoyed the beauty because as you all know, Is not exactly vegan .

There our ‘dream bird’ did not hesitate to Take pictures with restaurant customers who asked for it.

And after this day, well eaten, rested and with this change of style that supposes the hair collected, Can Yaman prepares to start his solidarity event ‘break the wall tour’ organized by His Association ‘Can Yaman For Children’ and that will take him for several locations from Italy helping young people to overcome the technological dependence they have suffered because of the Forced confine He has left sequelae that he will try to solve thanks to a brutal fund collection that under the slogan “demolish the wall of loneliness is possible” will take you for several Italian cities. >

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And we cannot be more proud and say: Benvenuti to Casa Can Yaman

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