Can Yaman turns to Italy and finally we have images of the Turkish actor saying goodbye to the filming set!

Can Yaman has already finished shooting the blockbuster ‘El Turco’ for Disney+ Turkey. The best series of him to date, the most difficult, the one that has demanded more and in which he has left body and soul so that everything goes perfectly. In return, fame, recognition and transcending of being an actor of romantic comedies to be an international actor because the historical series of action, has much of its international cast and has been shot in English.

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The torture for Can Yaman is over

And it has been hard, we will not deny it. Can Yaman moved to Hungary and stayed at a Budapest hotel from where he went to filming that lengthened many hours daily. He only had a couple of nights that Can used to dinner and relax a little before returning the next day to the filming. This rhythm managed to exhaust the Turkish actor to spread a message in the middle of the filming that scared us all: “My Pryson,” said Can Yaman as he looked out the window of his hotel’s suite. Painful for fans, we are not going to lie to you.

Ella puede ser el motivo de la tristeza de Can Yaman

We have seen the filming of ‘El Turco’ with Accountants

And we have told you everything here. From the announcement of the premiere by Disney+ with ‘outfit’ of Can Yaman included …

We also saw him riding a horse, having fun at his hotel during the weekend, making the occasional escape to Italy to entertain, train fighting scenes to clean sword … come on, that we have told you everything that has fallen into Our hands but all this ended by the good of the mental health of Can Yaman

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And thus Can Yaman has said goodbye to the filming of ‘El Turco’

Today we have encountered these images of the party set by the actors of ‘El Turco’ on the filming set. At night and with a giant smile between ear and ear, Can Yaman already relaxed photos with the companions with whom he has shared experiences during these months.

With a temperature that is around the Celsius degrees, the whole team has forgotten the cold and take the opportunity to open a bottle of champagne to the cry of ‘it’s a wrap’ (it is an ambush), a private joke that surely has to See with part of the series argument.

After Open the bottle and provide , the series team had to say goodbye saved a surprise. Fireworks that ended this great adventure called ‘El Turco’ and that will surely change the lives of all those who have participated in it, forever.

What awaits Can Yaman now?

At the moment, Can Yaman will return to Italy and hit a well -deserved vacation until the filming of the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ begins with Francesca Chillemi with whom he rumored that he had had theme that burns you. Come on, we have can for a while and without shocks.

Portada de la revista Chi en donde pillaron con el carrito del ‘helao’ a Can Yaman y a Francesca Chillemi.

When will ‘the Turk be released’?

This is another of the best saved secrets since those involved in the series have signed a confidentiality contract for which they cannot tell anyone to anyone peeeeero in that we are very ready, we can tell you that the series will arrive to our screens from September 2023. We will tell you.

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