The actor has recognized in this statement what we all imagined: Can Yaman becomes injured by ‘El Turco’. We analyze it

You already know how little can Can Yaman lavished during these 7 months of filming in Budapest. We were holding his news and Even less photos . They could spend long weeks without knowing if Can Yaman was well physically or emotionally. Except for some desperate messages, Can Yaman has remained Quite separated from social networks to disgust their fans until today.

The protagonist of ‘Dreaming Bird’ (‘Erkenci Kus’) Finally and once the filming r Is finished this statement where we finally learn How is health , how has The filming of ‘El Turco’ ‘.

Of course, all in a statement that again Is again written in English , something that seems that sometimes previous Bothered its Turkish compatriots and that we do not know Very good how they will take this time. The only thing we can tell you is that Can Yaman has made very good friends among the shooting partners since there is no lack of an answer of almost any Except Greta Ferro , the co -star who may not yet answer for reasons for reasons labor.

Can Yaman’s statement after the filming of ‘El Turco’ where he acknowledges that he becomes injured.

“I am back to Italy after a challenging period of 7 months of my life in Hungary. It cost me a lot Hard work , dedication to the maximum and Commitment one hundred percent, since it has been The role of my life . The general result is already rewarding …

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I am still I am recovering from a couple of minor injuries and Accumulated fatigue throughout the course. I have been Stressed in many ways, and finally because of the Terrible catastrophe which occurred in Turkey. I have done my best to provide some relief to me and others in need.

My team and I had already had this idea of Charity work for the time I had to finish my trip in Budapest. Now is the moment of Start this project . It’s called “Break the Wall Tour.” It is intended to embrace adolescents who suffer psychologically and a part of donations always Will transfer to the victims of the earthquake.

These photos, taken in Hallstatt, are from the last and only weekend in which I could rest my head and find some peace with precious people before flying back to Rome … ”

And this is the end of Can Yaman’s statement.

We are very happy that Can Yaman is already in Italy eat il mare ‘or who knows if his forgotten series:’ Sandokan ‘

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