As you hear it. After a few days when Can Yaman was missing, he returns to ask for help. We tell you.

Can Yaman is a great actor but also a great businessman. Do not miss the occasion of Take performance in your image with the sale of products that bear your name as perfumes, books of your biography or the famous ‘Tour Manía’ that took place in 2022 in Rome and Palermo And that aims to Know more closely to the protagonist of ‘Dreaming bird’.

Can Yaman quiere pedirte ayuda

But this time Can Yaman wants to ask for help and has done it on his Instagram account.

“The passion is in the eye of the mania. Wake up your spirit, discover the essence in the link in Bio. 🔗 Beauty is in the eye of Mania. 🔗

Let the fragrance of Can Yaman spell all your senses and free them unbridled. ”

A desperate message from Can Yaman

How good, to see how we say this. Can Yaman is asking us to buy his fragrance , ‘Can Yaman Mania’. A colony that must smell very well because it will cost you the whopping of € 84 and does so by releasing a series of Marketinian topics of the last century of the type “let the fragrance of Can Yaman captivity all your senses “That our parents used to us sound to us and that were announced on TV in the 90s (ask them and you will see).

But we don’t care. To us Can Yaman tells us to spend 84 turkeys in his new colony and we say: “Shut up and take my money, Can Yaman” , because everything our favorite turco does is fine and if if To join the link that has been created between him and us We must put a man’s colony , because A va and puts it on it . More would be missing.

Now seriously. Can Yaman asks us to give him a hand with his fragrance business and do so by showing this unpublished image.

In it Can Yaman Stare at our eyes mentally asking us to enter the bio link that appears on your Instagram account, That we take the credit card And that we spend the equivalent of the weekly purchase basket for a family of 4 members, in a colony boat.

Can Yaman wants to ask you for help while the Turkish ’rolls

And while Can Yaman asks for help with his, Continues to shoot and rolling and rolling ‘El Turco’ in Budapest. Yesterday we told you the almost full argument of the series and the truth is that it has a paint. The filming progresses inexorable while Can Yaman caught the truquillo at about riding a horse, fighting with swords and putting More handsome . Of course, for the month of March, we will have it for return to Italy where we imagine that after a few days of rest, the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ will start with the Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi. This boy is a working and making money!

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